Our history

Pacini Distillery is a reality in Sardinia since 1944.
We are a family-run company that produces traditional Sardinian liqueurs, Italian classic liqueurs and syrups. .

We have inherited the same passion of our predecessors and we have enriched it by introducing innovations in production and research, without forgetting to respect and enhance our territory.

Our Origins

It all began during the Second World War, when Bruno Pacini started his adventure in the world of Liqueurs.

Since then, three generations have passed continuing to produce liqueurs in respect of traditions.

Our philosophy

All our products are the results of our pride for our land and the careful selection of raw materials.
Today, like yesterday, our mission is to introduce Sardinia in the world through our products, promoting responsible consumption of alcohol.
Mirto of Mirto® Red, Mirto of Mirto® White, Filu and ‘Ferru, Crema di Mirto®, Amaro dei Sardi and Villacidro are just some of the products of our brand.